Miles Clayton


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Credits : Studio Bardy Productions

Credits : CKRL 89,1 & Hugo Dufour Productions

Credits : Studio Bardy Productions



Initiated by Quebec brother Sheldon Miles and Clayton Grenier, Miles Clayton is a chamber pop band defined by its smooth vocal harmonies and intricate spacious atmospheres.

A first Ep is released in 2016 titled Dream Out Loud which quickly caught attention throughout the province and around the globe. Alongside Paul Capetillo on drums and Mike Stewart on keyboards, the Grenier brothers broden their dicography with a second EP, Love Forgets.

Keeping their momentum, the group marked 2018 by winning second place at Emergenza finale, first place at CKRL 89.1 contest, Montre Tes Talents, and by participating at the second edition of Sofar Quebec. Later that year, the group keeps on defining its sound with a new single, Heavy Air.

With Jacob Roberge now completing the ranks on bass guitar, the quintet continues to win fans show after show.


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